Forget Me-Not-Pot

Create a lasting memorial of your beloved pet.

The idea for this product occurred as we unfortunately had to say goodbye to 4 dogs in 3 years.  Each dog was an important part of our family, and we wanted to remember them, but in a permanent, useful, and/or decorative way.

 A portion of the cremated remains of your departed pet are incorporated into clay, and crafted into a new, kiln-fired, earthenware creation - a lasting and portable symbol of a loyal friend.

The product may be a decorative plate, vase, or other item from the Jo Pilston Pottery line, and will be personalized with your choice of non-toxic, domestic glaze combination.

A Forget-Me-Not Pot could be the little bowl that catches your pocket change or jewelry, a decorative plate in your den, the vase for your fresh-cut flowers, or the little cup you use for a pencil holder. The most popular is a planter with a matching catch plate.

Humble items like these can trigger good memories, and make us smile when we see, touch, or use them.

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