Private Pottery Classes

Private Party  (FAQ see below)

Ever want to get a group of friends or a special night with couple friends together and have a night in do something fun??

  • Then let's have a party!!  I offer private classes, you supply the location, tables, and snacks.  I show up with everything needed to create.  We could do a mug making class, a small milk pitcher, soap pump, pumpkins for fall, trees for the holidays (see pictures below) or maybe you have a special project in mind.  Learn the basics of handbuilding and surface decoration. I will walk you through the process step by step and make along side you to give you a better understanding.  There will be color samples available for you to choose your special project color.  You make pieces and decorate them.  They come home with me to dry and be kiln fired at 1888F, I will glaze the pieces and refire at 2167F for you and deliver the project to the host or hostess. (These class is appropriate for those with little to no previous experience in handbuilding.)

Wheel Throwing

Have you always wanted to try throwing pottery on a potters wheel but could never find a place to learn?

  • PRIVATE Adult: Wheel Throwing Class 6 week:  (Age 14 +) $349;  for a two hour, six week class includes 25lb bag of  clay and firing for the items made in class. 5 weeks of throwing and the last class week 6 will be glazing. Come, relax and leave with some great projects. All levels welcomed. Just contact me to schedule a time that works for both our schedules.




Location – requirements for the space

  1. How much space do you need per person? This depends on the project, but most can be done in a space of 17” wide x 12” per student
  2. What does the instructor bring? The instructor provides all materials and tools to create the project.
  3. What does the hostess provide? The hostess provides the tables, chairs, a throw away tablecloth(s) for the table. You can get throw away plastic table coverings at the dollar store.  Snacks and drinks for your guest if you would like.



  1. Is there a down payment required before the class? There would be a $10 per person nonrefundable deposit due a week before the scheduled class.  Final payment would be due the night of the class.
  2. What if someone cancels last minute? Try and fill the space, or if they would like, the instructor would make the cancelled party’s project during the class, and they would still get the piece(s).  Otherwise, they forfeit their $10 deposit.
  3. Are there any additional fees besides the per student fee? No, there are no hidden fees.
  4. How long will the class take? Most classes are 2 hours long, sometimes we are done a little early.


Clean-up/Follow Up

  1. Who is responsible for clean up after the event? The instructor will clean up the all the tools and projects down to the table covering.  The hostess is responsible for the rest. Sometimes clay will get on the floor, it is best to use a broom or sweeper to clean it up.  If the space is outside patio, sweep off the patio first, then you can hose it off.
  2. We made our piece, now what? The instructor will pack all the projects and take home to dry, and they will then get kiln fired and then glazed and kiln fired again.
  3. How long does it take to get the project back? Minimum of 2 weeks is needed.
  4. Who is responsible for delivery? When the projects are completed, the instructor will make arrangement with the hostess to deliver them, and the hostess will be responsible to get each student their piece(s).



  1. Enough space to seat everyone comfortably (see above)
  2. Running Water
  3. Space needs to be set up before the instructor arrives
  4. Roll of Paper towels
  5. Instructor will need a small table or counter to set tools and materials on.